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Dr. Mel Fougere

Naturopathic medicine for the whole family.

Digestive issues, immune system deficiencies, brain health, hormone balancing and more. 

Naturopathic doctors are primary care physicians trained to treat and diagnose disease. They focus on treating the root cause of  illness, instead of only managing sympioms and strive to treat the whole person. 


Intravenous therapy

High dose nutrients administered to the blood for energy, detoxification,immune health and more


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Naturopathic medicine

About Dr Mel

Food allergy testing

Assess for sensitivities to food.   

Dr. Mel is a naturopathic physician with a masters in medical neuroscience. She has a special interest in psychoneuroendoimmunologyhormone health, digestive health and brain health. 


Dr Mel practices at the Core Center of Health, downtown in beautiful sunny Kelowna. 

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